Thursday, May 26, 2011

The sad status of my relationship with my tee shots.

Wow! I’ve been having a difficult time getting off the tee and safely into the fairways during 5 out of my last 6 rounds. It has gotten really bad that many times throughout the last several rounds I almost thought I was going to start crying... It's bad on the old score card, ya know? I am hitting my irons fine. My putting is good or good enough. It is the tee shots. My swing, the results I get, they are all like the first time I ever picked up a club. It is really sad. I’m like the Corky of golf right now.

It all sort of reminds me about a terrible fight I got into with my then girlfriend, now fiancée, a few years ago. The fight ended with us breaking up. My world was turned upside down. I was lost, sad, depressed, and didn’t know what to do. The great thing was that feeling only lasted a couple days. It went away. It didn’t last but for 2 days. We made up and things were back to “normal.” This relationship I have with my tee shots has lasted 7 weeks now. WTF!!! Break up with me already or I will with you. Where did you go? What did I do to deserve this treatment? Who are you sleeping with now? These are the questions I ask my golf swing, not the fiancée.

To fix the situation, I went to the range the other night equipped with a card for 1000 golf balls. I hit 250 balls that night. Being a little sore the next day, I went back and only hit 150 that night. I woke up today barely able to get out of bed. Apparently, the fat guys and the frumpy guys on tour are in better shape than I am. Is there something known as “golf shape?” If so, I’m not in golf shape. Should I rest? Should I fit through it even though I am so sore that it is hard to make a proper swing and the results cause more golf depression and I start thinking that I suck again?

Oh God (Golf God), what do I do? How shall I repent for my golf sins so I can get back into your holy good grace? PLEASE TAKE ME BACK!!!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

I am embarrassed to hit off the tee box and afraid.

What is the best way to go about fixing my tee shots?

I am not sure what is going on with my tee shots. In the last five rounds I’ve played, I have only had one round where I was fairly consistent off the tee box. The other four rounds were like I had never hit a golf ball. It was as if I were allergic to having the little wooden tee underneath the ball.

The last two rounds I came home from the course my fiancée asked, “How did it go?” “I played like crap” was my reply. “Well did you at least have fun?” she asked. Apparently she doesn’t understand a single thing about me. I don’t have FUN just being on the course. I have fun when I’m hitting the ball well. I have a lot of FUN when I’m hitting the ball well consistently. I’m not currently having ANY FUN with the way I’m playing.

This current situation has me fearing golf. It has gotten to the point that my tee shots are no longer in the “crap shoot” category. They’re just in the “crap” category.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Proper Footwear for the Golf Course

Over the last two years I have taken part in several personal growth seminars. I have found them very beneficial personally and professionally. One of the biggest lessons that I have taken out of them has to do with attitude. Having a positive attitude can really generate incredible results. With that said, this blog post could be perceived as not that positive, however I really need to rant about something that just irritates me on the golf course.

I was out for a round of golf last weekend when I spotted something that falls into my top three spots of most irritating pieces of golf apparel that a person can wear on a golf course. GOLF SANDALS!

Seriously, golf sandals? Why not wear some real golf apparel? Aren't there rules on the course anymore?

Why? Are you afraid to commit to the full shoe? Do your feet need to get the striped tan? Are you that much of a tree hugging hippie that you can’t go without your Burkenstock  for five hours that you have to put cleats on the bottom of them?

I really want to know who it was that contributed the golf sandal to the game I love. As it is already, many people don’t consider golf a “sport,” or golfers “athletes.” The golf sandal doesn’t help the image one bit.

Here’s something I noticed last weekend with this sandal wearing “golfer” in the foursome ahead of me, and any other time I’ve seen one on a course in my life. People that wear golf sandals suck at golf. I’m not sure if it’s a coincidence or if it’s mandatory, but I’ve never seen a good ball sticker in golf sandals.

Why not just pull a Jim McMahon and go barefoot on the course. Get off the fence and pick between playing golf (with the proper footwear ie golf shoes), or go back to your compound and smoke some herb and relax.

It hit me when I saw this “golfer,” I’m coming out with Patrick Gibbons Handmade flip flops. They are for the golfer that really doesn’t give a crap about golf and would rather be at the beach. Look for them this fall.

I think this is the perfect time to let the readers know about a line of classic shoes from Patrick Gibbons Handmade that will be coming out this summer. You can check them out at:

Since all the American golf shoe makers decided to quit making quality golf shoes in America, I decided to bring them back. Custom handmade genuine exotic golf shoes are in the works and will be on American soil this summer. Take a look at the first two prototypes. Genuine ostrich and genuine python.


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