Friday, September 2, 2011

Trekkies On The Course...

I am so upset with myself today because I did not bring my cell phone with me while I played golf today. Not that I wanted to talk on the phone, but rather that I did not have a way to capture what took place on the course today. I normally have it and get pictures of bobcats or coyotes. Big deal. This would have been like capturing video of big foot or winning the lottery.

I got all nostalgic after writing a previous post about my favorite dumpy courses that I decided to go play one of them today. I decided to give Silverado golf course another chance. I normally will not play Silverado because they don't have a range and I can't stand going to the first tee box "cold." A couple weeks ago I was playing golf with some friends across the street at McCormick Ranch and noticed that Silverado had put up some hitting nets. I figured that would work to grease the wheels before the round.

I got to the course earlier, as always, so that I could warm up. I asked the guy in the pro shop if what I saw from the other side of the road was correct. He said they did get hitting bays but the wind blew them down so they weren't available. Ok, so the wind blew them down. Ok, put them back up. Whatever.

I went and spoke with the starter and he told me that I could go out whenever I wanted. I asked if they were pairing me up with some other players. He said I can play with these two guys here, or head up to the tee box and join up with the three players there. I looked at the tee box and noticed a woman in the group. No thanks, sorry ladies. I looked at the two guys near me. They looked like they just got out of a Star Trek convention. I picked the Trekkies. Best golfing choice I ever made.

These guys gave me the funniest nine holes I've ever played. First thing I noticed about Corey, while he was teeing up his second ball on the first tee box, was that the sole of his right golf shoe wasn't attached in the front and it would flap open exposing his foot each time he took a step. Priceless. The first hole is a fairly short par 5. So, we finally get to the green and I believe Corey is laying 21 and Rich is laying 13, which is funny enough by itself, but the best thing happens on the green. Corey has about a 25' putt for 22. He gets behind the ball and kneels. Then he gets flat on his belly. I'm not talking Camilo Villegas; athletic and technically off the ground. I'm talking laying flat on his belly with his chin against the grass. Studying his 25' put for 22. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I'd never seen anything like it before. Wait, here's the best part. He takes his first putt and hits it about 9', so he still has another 14' putt. What does he do? He gets back down on his belly again. I nearly pissed myself. Well, he goes on and misses that putt and finally gets it in the hole 2 putts later for a 26 on the first hole par 5.

I thought maybe he was kidding around. Nope. He's back on his belly with his chin to the ground on the very next hole, and every hole on the front 9. This was the funniest damn thing I have ever seen on a golf course.

The thing that topped the nine holes I got to play with these two gentlemen was their scoring system. The entire way home I kept thinking how do you get "par" when you hit two off the tee and three putted? I love it. Almost every other hole, we'd be leaving the green and I'd hear Rich ask Corey, "What did you have." "Par," Corey replied. WHAT???
Whatever. It means nothing to me except laughter. This was truly the funniest golf experience I ever had. Laying on the green with his chin touching the grass, as if it really had a chance. The best $13 dollars I ever spent for a round of golf. It sucked they only played nine holes because I would have wet myself by the end of 18 holes.

Why didn't I bring my phone though? It was you tube gold at my fingertips.

Till then, I'm back at Patrick Gibbons Handmade creating cool golf belts and putter grips... 

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