Monday, July 18, 2011

Treat Your "Lady" Well!

I tend to be a trial and error sort of guy. I am fortunate that I learn fairly quickly from the mistakes I have made in my life. For all you followers out there (Hi Mom), you may have recalled that I compared my swing to a woman. Well, I am back again to comparing golf to women in this segment.

I received a package this week from BOS Golf that contained a putter. They put an aftermarket white polymer finish on it for a "ghosted" effect. Up to the time I opened the box, I had not been a fan of the new white clubs. I am now. I was not fortunate enough to have seen the putter before the finish was redone, so I may not have gotten the full experience of seeing the difference from start to finish. However, the final product they produced is amazing.

Time for a makeover!
I have been staring at the putter head for almost a week now. I am currently waiting for a shaft to arrive so that I can put this thing to use and see how it feels. While looking at this through the week, it got me thinking.

I have realized over the last six years that my quality of life increases when I take care of my lady. When I send her to the spa for the day, I tend to get perks for some time after that day. That time frame does vary. I am not sure if it has to do with her experience at the spa or if there are other factors involved, however I do get perks. I also get perks when she gets flowers, cards, gifts, etc. The better she's treated, the better I am treated.

Since I think my golf game is similar to women, I began to think about my clubs. I am wondering how they would treat me if I sent them to the BOS Golf spa. I am taking the plunge. I am going to get my babies taken care of. They are going to get into the hot spa, mud bath, facial, message, and maybe even a salt rub. I am thinking that the way to go with it is a glossy black oxide finish, new black shafts, white ferrules, white grips, blacked out paint fill, and the handmade logo anodized onto the face of the clubs.

If my theory is correct about golf is like women, I should be getting perks for several rounds after they return from the spa.

I am sending in an old girlfriend that has been in the garage for the past few years; a set of Titleist DCI 962s. If it works on this girl, the current girlfriend will be sent in.

Thanks BOS Golf. You dumped gasoline on my golf addiction. I am fully out of remission now with no control of myself.

Check back in a couple weeks and I'll post photos of my girlfriend when she returns from the spa to a future blog.

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