Saturday, June 25, 2011

No Mulligans In Life... Even For Golfers

What do I know about the truth... I make golf belts and exotic leather putter grips  at my golf company hence I understand that the following topic is definitely not my area of working experience.

However, I gotta say...

So, I made a commitment last night that I was going to finish off a job and send it over to someone by the end of that day, and I failed to make it happen. I didn't keep my word, which unfortunately got me thinking. I wish I could enjoy a Mulligan when it comes keeping my word to others, and then that got me thinking about playing golf. There really are zero do-overs in daily life. There aren't any genuine re-dos.

I have been participating in the sport of golf “full time” for around eighteen years , and I am surprised by things I discover that players do along the golf course in relation to their score cards and how some people do not honor their word. Do not misunderstand me, I am not a saint around the course. I have had my own times that I make stuff up in order to make myself feel better. I have got several score cards with an asterisk near the four or five.

I am inclined to play a lot of my rounds of golf in which I have the course to pair me up together with different players, therefore I get to go through the chasing of the little white ball with many different individuals. I'm a sucker for when these people want me to keep score. It's inevitable when I inquire, “what did you get on the last hole?” “Yea, I made a five.” Seriously?!! How the hell is that even slightly possible after you hit the very first out of bounds and your third in the lake?

Explanations vary, the following is a classic:

The beer cart girl moved the cart during my swing.

If it weren’t for, If I wouldn’t have, If he didn’t... YEAH? Well, they did, it did, you did.
Exactly how do you tee off by using your Pro V and somehow conclude the hole using a Maxfli? Come on! if that’s how you actually play golf, how do you live your life?

I’m not really sure exactly what has taken place with me through the years at the course. I did the same things in the past. Ultimately, I gave up on trying to falsify my score though... I think I recognized that I had been being untruthful mainly to me personally because the others in the party already knew it is difficult for me to get five with three water balls. I imagine I also started contemplating just how could I really get better when I don’t actually find out where my skill level is at this point time.

Then, there’s generally the “It's just a game.” Ouch, the idea hurts me merely to express it, nevertheless it is accurate. Life and playing golf very much the same. I really won't be able to have a Mulligan with my word or my golf swing. I have to recognize my error, admit it, and go forward. Jason, I screwed up this particular opportunity with my word. I apologize. I’m walking forward now.

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  1. Moments like this always make us better...In golf and in life.