Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Flatstick Strikes Back

I look at my golf game as if it is four tires on a car. The first tire is my tee shots, the second tire is my approach shots, the third is chipping, and the forth is putting.

As my one follower of this blog might know (by the way, thanks for following this mom), I had a really bad first tire for a while there. Over the last 10 days, I had discount tire come out and spend a ton of time with me at the range to figure out what I could do to fix the tire. Basically, we put on a new tire. This new tire isn’t perfect; however it has been allowing me to at least drive on the highway, sometimes a little shaky, but on the highway none the less.

The other three tires have been great over the last few months, until today. The forth tire blew up, and then blew up again, and again, and again, slamming me into the guard rail until finally spinning me out of control and into a ditch. I THREE PUTTED SIX HOLES!!!!!!!!

How does a tire do that? Ok, forget the tire and car analogy. How the “bleep” does this happen? I get one troubled part of my game fixed and another falls in the crapper. And seriously, putting? Anyone can putt. Look at the people at the miniature putt-putt courses, they can putt. Apparently, I can’t. The chubby kid peeped up on sugar can putt through the windmill, but I am unable to get a 12 foot putt down in two, or a 14’ putt, 18’, you get the picture. The golf God’s giveth, and taketh yet again.

Golf is the worst drug I’ve ever done. (I’m not admitting that I’ve ever done any though, I’m just saying). I’m already figuring out when I can get back out there and do it again. I don’t even need playing partners. I’ll go out there by myself with the crap shoot of not knowing who they’ll stick me with. I’ll go out and play the shady courses in the wrong part of town. I’ll play twilight and risk running out of daylight. I don’t care; I’m hooked and I want more. I know I can play better and I want to prove it. I want to put together one more solid round. I don’t know what crack is like, but I think it could be similar to golf.

I do have to say that I looked sharp 3 putting, if that's possible, in my exotic snake skin golf belt... I guess there is always a bright side.


  1. Good times today patrick. Keep your head down, keep grinding, you will get all for tires going in the right direction. Hope to play next week

  2. I'm right there with your Brother. The more I think about 3-putting the more I do it. I think we need to change our mindset. We both know that whatever we give our attention to, that's what the Universe gives us. We've talked about it before.

    If we think we are going to 3-putt, that will be the outcome. Today you told yourself(and believed)that you were going to have a great back nine, and you did. We need to start believing that we can putt. With a little practice and the right outlook, we are breaking 80 every time out. Until next week...